Tebing Keraton

Tebing Keraton 1Tebing Keraton,,, starting to be famous since 2014, located in Dago Bandung 5km away from Taman Hutan Raya Tahura Juanda, Dago Bandung. It’s a place with a view, some people said like Blue Mountain view in Australia, you can see Bandung view from top, nice panoramic, fresh air and green.

imageTo reach Tebing Keraton, you can park your car at last stop Warung Bandrek and continue your return trip with Ojek (Rp. 50ribu), or if you want you can walk 2,5km away or you can drive your motorcycle :).  The ticket is Rp. 11ribu (domestic) or Rp. 76ribu (tourists) and from entry get just walk 200metres away to get the view of Tebing Keraton.

Tebing Keraton View
Tebing Keraton View 

Just now, Tebing Keraton has already secured by fence around and managed by “Pemkot Bandung”, but some people still take a photo behinde the fence to get the best spot and also take romantic photo shot.

It’s really nice place. Let you visit it!



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