My Japan Trip 6-14 April 2013 [Day7-9]

It’s last part of my story in Japan Day 7-9, after my two last post ūüôā
DAY 7 : OSAKA – 12 April 2013

We planned to go to Osaka Universal Studio. Started from hotel at 08.00 to JR loopline to Universak City. I’ve already booked entry ticket 6,600 Yen/person. The gate opened at 09.00am but the queue was already very long. I am, traveller who like amusement park so that I really enjoy to visit like Disneyland, Universal Studio feel the ambience in every places all over the world.
The key was,,, when Universal Studio Japan gate was opened, you better go to right side and got a queue to rollercoaster because if you’re not, the queue will be very long until night (wow).
I played Spiderman Rider, Backdrop Hollywood Dream (the rollercoaster), Institute Rider, Blackstunt, Jurassic Park Rider, Jaws Rider, Space Rider, Shrek 4D and also WONDERLAND. Yup, when you visited the US Japan, you will remember your children at home. The HelloKitty, Snoopy, Sesame Street teased you as well.
They have delicious snack “Leg of Turkey” nyummy (780 Yen for one).
We took lunch at Amiyage land for chicken (1,320 Yen for both).

What I spent in Day 7 :
1. Buy a lucky : 500 Yen
2. Elmo bag : 880 Yen
3. Leather Lanyard : 2,850 Yen
4. Elmo coin bag : 1,150 Yen
5. Elmo snow globe : 880 Yen
6. Dinosaurus at JP Park : 2,730 Yen
7. Key ring : 750 Yen
8. Leg of Turkey : 780 Yen
9. Lunch : 1,320 Yen
10. Fanta : 150 Yen
11. Hardrock Cafe Glass : 600 Yen
12. Pop Corn : 350 Yen
13. Dinner : 1,160 Yen

After you finished at US Japan, you can also take a picture in front of US Globe, and you can take a photo and reach the Hardrock Cafe Osaka which was very near.
I forgot that after US I went to Osaka Castle or the day before. We went back to hotel and prepare to Hiroshima tomorrow.

DAY 7 : OSAKA – TOKYO 13 April 2013
SUDDENLY… at 05.33 am in the morning¬†we were panic. Osaka& West Japan got earthquake 6SR, we felt it in hotel room and felt panic but no one get out from their room so we kept stay cool (hahaha). Unfortunately when we arrived at JR line OSAKA St. at 08.30am many people there, many people went to the counter to redempt their ticket and until 12.00 no one JR line operated (-_-“). My husband dediced not to go to Hiroshima (It’s need more than 4 hours to go there and our flight to Jakarta was from Tokyo).
So… At that time, we were unlucky¬†to go to Hiroshima and Miyajima islands, I will back there sometime :). My planned before, we went to Hiroshima and Miyajima then back at night to Tokyo (slept in train) so that we must not book the hotel.
When waiting, We went to mall, Isetan OSAKA, Loft, Starbuck n wasted time till 12.30 the JR Line was operated we went by subway to Shin-Osaka St and got HIKARI SHINKANSEN 13.10-16.10 to Tokyo

We stayed at hostel (booked by that day) at Ueno (tatami mode) but I forgot the name. Just a few metres from Ueno St. exit asakusa 6,500 Yen per night. (Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki Hostel more recommended).
We wasted time at Ueno area, Tsutaya DVD, Uniqlo, bought souvenir, searched randoseru at Matzuzakaya etc. We went to Tokyo Station just only for bought TOKYO Banana ^_^

Day 8 money spent :
1. Hostel Ueno : 6,500 Yen
2. Pepperlunch : 1,900 Yen
3. Loft : 1,165 Yen
4. Starbuck : 510 Yen
5. Magazine : 1,380 Yen
6. Uniqlo : 4,50 Yen
7. Tokyo Banan : 5,850 Yen (3-4 box)
8. Souvenir : 4,825 Yen

DAY 9 : TOKYO-JAKARTA Р14 April 2013

Ready to go at 07.30am, from Ueno Station using JR Line to Tokyo Station. From Tokyo St. at 08.30 using NEX Train (rapid train to Narita Airport) and arrived at Narita 09.28

Checked in, looked around and bought chocolate at airport, then Take off to Jakarta. Alhamdulillah!!!



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