My Japan Trip 6-14 April 2013 [Day4-6]

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DAY 4 : TOKYO – KAWAGUCHIKO, 9 April 2013

Actually, my plan was going to FUJIQ Highland for getting rolleroaster ride and continue to Kawaguchiko to see Mountain Fuji view. But when We arrived at Train Station to FujiQ, the FujiQ was closed by that day and We didnt know what the reason, so we still continued our trip to Kawaguchiko (sad feeling).
Transport : From JR Ueno Station, get JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku Station and change to Chuo Line (Rapid) Line 12 to Takao and Otsuki Station. If we didnt use JR Pass, the cost will be 1,240 Yen /person but it’s free because of JR Pass.
Take Train from Takao to Otsuki Station : Old Blue Train, my fault not search rapid train :D, so it took 1hour ++ until arrived at Otsuki Station.
Arrived at Otsuki Station we must take Mount Fuji Train (no JR Pass included and needed 60minutes). We must pay 2,200 Yen/person. The view was really amazing.
We stopped at Fujikyu Highland station if we want to go to FujiQ, but when it closed then we continued to Kawaguchi Station (just 5-10minutes) from FujiQ.

KawaguchiKawaguchi is an area which we can see Mount Fuji View. From the station, we must buy bus ticket for sighseeing no.1 (1000 Yen/person). If you want to go to Kachi-Kachi Ropway (see the view from Top) you must stop at Bus stop number 10 and buy ticket 700 Yen/person return trip. At top, we found Fijiyama Cakes, Ice cream and Daigon Cakes (like marshmellow using ketchup).
After got a view from Kachi-Kachi Ropway continue the trip to Kawaguchi Lake (Bus Stop Number 17), see the lake with Mount Fuji view.
Then, if you want to go to Fujikyu Highland when in Kawaguchi, then take bus stop number 102.

We went back to Otsuki Station at 16.45 in the afternoon got the “Thomas Train”, It is just like usual train but the interior and exterior paint with Thomas and His Friends (cartoon). Kawaguchi-Otsuki took 60minutes long.

We decided to Shinjuku Area,  we took JR Limited Express to Shinjuku from Otsuki took 30minutes long.
What I looked at Shinjuku :
1. Takashimaya Time Square, yup if you visitied Singapore and got in into Takashimaya, in Japan it’s bigger. You can find TokyU Hands (famous one in Japan), Uniqlo, Restaurant Area, Kinokuniya book store and also Kids&Baby things.
2. BEC Camera
3. MOA street
4. Sushi restaurant

Day 4 Money Spent :
1. Mount Fuji Train : 2,200 Yen/person return trip
2. Kachi2 Ropway : 700 Yen/person return trip
3. Kawaguchiko bus sighseeing : 1,000 Yen/person return trip
4. Ice Cream, Daigon Cakes : 600 Yen
5. Wood wishes : 400 Yen
6. Souvenir : 750 Yen
7. Drink, snack : 510 Yen
8. Sushi : 1,800 Yen
9. Potato McD : 300 Yen
10. Shopping : 15,000 Yen (electronic, camera, beauty)
Total Spent Day 4 : 38,720 Yen

DAY 5 : TOKYO – KYOTO, 10 April 2013

09.45 : we checked out from hotel and go to Ueno Station to book Shinkansen to Kyoto.
09.45-10.30 : we went to Hongo Area by walk, saw the Tokyo University and the Toda Akamon Gate (symbol Tokyo University)
10.30-11.30 : walk to JR Ueno Station and bought some lunch
11.45-12.00 : took JR Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station and went to waiting room for Shinkansen Hikari 437
Shinkansen Hikari 437 from Tokyo-Kyoto HK 437 13.03-15.40 car 11 seat 9A-9B.
Arrived at Kyoto Station, we already booked hotel at Honnoji Hotel in front of Kyoto City Hall. The modern tatami hotel with Japanese style bathtub. I booked it via VENERE website. We arrived at Hotel 17,30 using Metro to Kyoto City Hall.

Night at Kyoto,  Took Bus and Sightseeing card at Subwat 2,000 Yen/person
Take Bus number 100 stopped at Kiyomizudera. Kiyomizudera Temple is one biggest n most famous Temple at Kyoto. We hiked from Bus Stop to Kiyomizudera but unfortunately the Temple was closed at 18.00 while we arrived at 18.30. Many kimono rental there if you want to take a picture using these traditional Japan clothes.
The view beside us was traditional Japanese house which was very beautiful.

From Kiyomizudera, we went to Higashiyama District by walk just in left side of Kiyomizudera. It was a group of tradional Japan house.
Across the street Take bus number 206 to Gion District, it is GEISHA area. Many sakura trees was still blooming there. The area is used for pre-wedding too and many old traditional restaurant in the riveride. At Gion District we also found Shabu and Sukiyaki Restaurant (3,500 Yen)
We found delicious Okonamiyaki 680 Yen (ingredients : two raw eggs, ginger, shrimp) nyam nyam.
Nikishi Market, store in right n left side that sold many souvenirs.

Day 5 Money spent :
1. Lunch : 1,220 Yen
2. Starbucek : 460 Yen
3. Tea: 150 Yen
4. Pia : 897 Yen
5. Metro Subway : 250 Yen/person
6. Sightseeing Bus : 2,000 Yen/person
7. Kiyomizudera souvenirs : 2,650 Yen (Magnet 400, Glass 500 etc)
8. Wall decoration : 1,680 Yen
9. Okonamiyaki : 680 Yen
10. Mineral Water n Onigiri : 600 Yen
11. Hotel : 12,900 Yen

Total Day 5 Spent :

DAY 6 : KYOTO – OSAKA, 11 April 2013

We got the experiences sleep at Tatami (interesting!!!), but we quite confused when must take a bath. The bathroom in room for pee only, if you want to take a bath you must go to basement to public bathroom (Onsen Japanese style bathroom). Woman and Man has separated bathroom. Here is the rule of Onsen :
1. Open your clothes in changing room, then safe in the basket at changing room.
2. Go to the bathroom (naked) and take a shower to make your body wet with warm water and rinse all your entire body.
3. Use hairband (if you have long hair) because hair cant touch the water. Onsen pool is full of warm water.
4. Soak your body then out from pool to take shower rinse your body with shampoo and soap until clean, then back to onsen pool until you feel enough for you.
5. Back to shower, rinse all, take towel, wash your face, brush teeth and going to changing room and use your clothes.

After finished the Onsen experience, we prepared to look around Kyoto.
1. Fushimi Inari Shrine (shrine with 1,000 gates). Transport : Took JR Nara Line from Kyoto St. to Inari St. Across the street and you will find the Shrine. It is free. We can found “jimat” (one jimat 500 Yen) hahaha
2. Kinkakuji Temple (Gold Shrine). Take Bus number 103 from Kyoto Station stopped at University Kin…. Go forward by Walk. Entry ticket 350 Yen/person. If you want to buy like a jimat (800Yen) or Pin collection (600 Yen).
3. Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Shrine). I forgot to write number of Bus. Here I ate cheese shrimp and fish vegetables stick for snack (250 Yen/stick), ate the Matcha custard (400 Yen). Entry ticket 500 Yen/person.

After that we went back to hotel and got lunch Udon just 50metres from Hotel (300 Yen++/bowl)
at 15.00 we went to Kyoto Station and reserved Shinkansen Hikari Kyoto-Shin Osaka Station 15.48-16.02 (only 15minutes for 60km away) JR loopline.

Arrived at OSAKA. At Osaka we stayed at Kishu Railway Hotel (12,900 Yen for 2 night) booking from JAPANICAN.
At 19.00 we went to Dotombori using JR loopline to Dotonbori. Dotonbori is famous area with “CRAB” and “GLICO” statue.
Here, we found : the icon of crab, the icon of glico, delicious takoyaki, Shinbashi area (for prostitution) and also Amerikamura(Harajuku area in Osaka).
We also went to OSAKA Castle, yup of course we cant entry because it was already night. But The OSAKA Castle with white lamp at night is amazing, wide area, many people doing run at night in this area.

Day 6 Money spent :
1. Hotel Kishu Railway : 12,900 / 2night
2. Jimat2an : 1,300 Yen
3. Pin : 600 Yen
4. Kinkakuji Temple : 350 Yen/person
5. Ginkakuji Temple : 500 Yen/person
6. Snack : 250 Yen/stick
7. Ice Cream : 400 Yen
8. Lunch Udon : 980 Yen
10. Takoyaki : 500 Yen
11. GreenTea Kitkat : 2,000 Yen
12. Drink etc : 800 Yen
Total Day 6 Spent : …

Okay… continue to Day 7-9 in next posting…



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