My Japan Trip 6-14 April 2013 [Day1-3]

It was about my trip to Japan 6-14 April 2013. My notes was found so I will try to explain the itenerary details. My ticket was Garuda Indonesia (419$ return trip) Cengkareng-Narita.

Day 1 : TOKYO – 6 April 2013

We arrived at Narita Airport using Garuda Indonesia in the morning. Our 1st day trip visited Asakusa and Ueno Area, because we already booked the hostel at Asakusa.

From Narita Airport go to Keisei Ticket Counter and bought tiket 1,240 Yen (per person) then go to Keisei Line Train

a. Exit to Kaminarimon Gate A2b/3/4
b. Go to Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki Hostel (in left side Kaminarimon 200metres)
We  stayed at Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki Hostel (6,890 Yen per night) for 1 Queensize bedroom include toilet inside. It was so cool, clean and really peaceful.
We walked to “Kaminarimon Gate” from hostel, looked around “Nakamise Shopping Street” and went to “Sensoji Temple”. Many things you can buy for souvenir at Nakamise. Way to Sensoji was like a food heaven, there was park that sold many Japanese snack like Pia, Mochi, Takoyaki and all was great (I love to eat :D).

After finished at Sensoji Temple, we went to JR Ueno Station and we visited :
1. Sakura BloomingUeno Park, It should be “Sakura” blooming time at 1st week of April, but unluckily the “Sakura” was stop blooming at April 1st. Ueno Park is one of famous park at Tokyo to see how beautiful the “Sakura” is. I still could see one-two trees that still has the “Sakura” while the others has stopped blooming.
2. Hardrock Cafe Ueno, yup Indonesian people as usual must visit one of Hardrock cafe store when they travelled abroad :D. Hardrock Cafe Ueno is located inside the Ueno Mall (JR Ueno Station).
3. JR Pass Exchange, just a few metres from Hardrock Cafe in same area, we visited JR office counter to change our JR Pass (which can be bought by us at our country before we arrived at Japan). We still activated the JR Pass till Day 3 because JR Pass only active for 7days
4. Tokyo Skytree, new icon of Japan. We walked from Ueno Station about 3km ^_^ and it was rainy day. We went up to the Tokyo Skytree and saw the beautiful Japan from the tower.
5. Akihabara, a place for Games lover, AKB 48 etc.
It was heavy rain at Japan, so cold, we must wear jacket and umbrella all over the time.
Japan Day 1 money spent (it is for 2 person totally):
1. Hostel Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki : 6,890Yen
2. Pia Green Tea : 170 Yen
3. Pia Standard : 120 Yen
4. Takoyaki : 500 Yen
5. Ueno Park Metro : 160 Yen (per person)
6. Hardrock Tshirt : 4,400 Yen
7. Lunch (Yoshinoya Salmon) : 700 Yen
8. Tombo Deck Tokyo SkyTree : 2,000 Yen (per person)
9. Snow Globe + Card : 1,380 Yen
10. Snow Globe small  + Book : 760 Yen
11. Skytree – Asakusa Metro : 170 Yen (per person)
12. Asakusa – AKihabara Metro : 160 Yen (per person)
13. Supermarket : 610 Yen
Total Day 1 : 20,880 Yen

Day 2 : TOKYO – 7 April 2013

Day 2, we planned to go to Odaiba, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku and Takeshita Street.
1. Odaiba, we bought 1 day Metro ticket 700 Yen (per person). We went to Ueno Station.
a. Take Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro – Shimbashi)
b. Take Monirail (Shimbaasi St-Daiba)
We visited Liberty Statue (like in New York :p), we looked Fuji TV (biggest tv operator in Japan), Gundam (in front of Odaiba mall), Aqua City, lunch at Diver Tokyo Mall (my oakley sunglasses lost here), go to Venus Port, Mega Web and for sure “Toyota Museum Showroom”. Odaiba is so big, if you have much more time to visit the Odaiba it should be very very interesting
2. Shibuya, a place in Japan which was very famous of Hachiko Statue (a statue of dog which was very faithful to his master) become a icon of Shibuya and also the most crowded intersection in Japan (Shibuya 109 store).
From Simbashi St. take a Tokyo Metro (Ginza Line) and stopped at Shibuya St.
3. Harajuku street,  street that very famous for weird Japanese Girls style. (by walk from Shibuya)
4. Takeshita street, just accross the street from Harajuku street, there are many counter of delicious “crepes”.
Day 2 and 3 (for 2 night) We stayed at Ueno First City Hotel booked from JAPANICAN website 22,400 Yen (2night) with 150cm bed and bathroom inside.

Day 2 money spent :
1. Hotel Ueno First City Hotel : 22,400 Yen
2. Tokyo Metro 1 day ticket : 350 Yen (per person)
3. Monorail Odaiba PP : 680 Yen (per person)
4. Lunch (Udon at Diver Odaiba) : 530 Yen
5. Supermarket : 710 Yen (bottle drink 150Yen/bottle)
6. Crepes : 430 Yen
7. H&M Shibuya (hahaha) : 9,300 Yen
8. Birkenstock Harajuku : 6,890 Yen
9. UT Uniqlo : 3,100 Yen
10. DVD SNSD : 4,500 Yen
11. Onigiri & Seven Eleven at Night : 650 Yen
12. Daiso for souvenir (at Odaiba) : 2,500 Yen
Total Day2 : 53,070 Yen

Day 3: TOKYO – 8 April 2013

Day 3, we planned to Tsukiji Fish Market and Tokyo Disney Sea and we already activated the JR Pass,
1. Tsukiji Fish Market, from Ueno St. using JR Ueno – JR Shimbhasi St. Continue using Bus 1 to Tsukiji Chuo (200 Yen per person), then cross the street turn right to main gate of Tsujiki Market.
We found the Fish, Tuna Fish, Salmon Fish, big Octopus and another weird fish. If you have more time, make a queue at Sushi counter in Tsukiji Market, they said it’s very delicious but the queue can be 4 hours.
2. Tokyo Disney Sea,
From Tokyo Metro Tsukiji go to Daemon St. Take JR Line JR Yamanote to Tokyo Station. Change To Keiyo Line Tokyo Station – JR Maihama.
Change ticket at Skspian. Go with monorail (5ooYen/person) return trip and stopped at Tokyo Disney Sea Station.
There are two kinds of Disney at Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Sea (for who want to play the ride more challenging) or Tokyo Disney Land (for who bring the children and love the disney character much).
What I’ve done at Tokyo Disney Sea : Temple of Terror, Eastern NewYork show, Beat Bigband Show (18.55), Firework Show (20.30 when it was closing time), Fast Pass : Indiana Jones (19.55), Aquatopia, Stormrider, Roller Coaster 1 & 2, Submarine Ride, Children World, Voyage and the middle East restaurant for lunch
What I’ve not done yet : Toy Story Mania (closed), Meditaranian Harbour show, Disney Train and Disney Bus.
Day 3 Money Spent : (JR line free using JR Pass)
1. Bus ticket to Tsukiji : 200 Yen /person
2. Monorail ticket Disney : 1000 Yen /person return trip
3. Disney Sea ticket : 6,200 Yen/person
4. Lunch at Disney Sea : 1,560 Yen
5. Disney Sea Souvenir : 4,400 Yen
6. Popcorn : 300 Yen
7. Pin : 400 Yen
8. Micket ring and tshirt : 6,900 Yen
9. Dinner : 780 Yen
10. Supermarket : 547 Yen
Total Day3 : 28,787 Yen

Continue in next posting Day 4-6 in Japan…

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