Sate Klathak Pak Pong – Jogja

 Have been read about Sate Klathak Pak Pong at Imogiri road-Jogja in KAI magazine and heard from cousins and also husband office mates that told us “Sate Klathak is very delicious”

We arranged to go there around 1pm because the restaurant opened at 12 in the afternoon. Arrived there, at lunch and lebaran’s time, crowded!!! lucky us we got “lesehan” so we can fell relax. 

Sate Klathak comes from the sound of satay when it’s grill “keletek-keletek” because of the satay (which is from young goats) stabbed by “iron” (which is made from spokes of bicycle), so when they are grilled, heat from the iron will make the meat (inside part of satay) well-done n cause “keletek-keletek”

 Along Imogiri road, you will see many restaurans sell Sate Klathak, but the most popular one is Sate Klathak Pak Pong. 1 portion is rp.19,000 for 2 stabbed (dont worry 1stabbed is sooo big!) and make it complete by order “tengkleng” or “tongseng” (tengkleng tulang or otak). Superb delicious culinair! You must try it! We pay only rp.132,000 for 8stabbed satay, 1 tengkleng, 3 rice and 4 drink.

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