Lost in China (5D4N)

Lost in China for 5D4N, It was about try all “transportation” in China. I could say it because suddenly there I tried subway, bus, motorcycle, bullet train, sleeper train, taxi, tricycle (using machine or manual), bemo, maglev train (the super highest speed train) and also hop n off bus.

I spent 5D4N in Beijing and Shanghai. My flight was Cathay Pasific (promo ticket 480USD return). I departed from Jakarta in the morning (08.30 AM) and arrived for transit in Hongkong (13.30 PM) and continued trip to Beijing (connecting flight with Dragon Air) at 17.00 PM and arrived at Beijing at 20.00 PM. In just a few time transit in Hongkong International Airport means that You just have a few time to go shopping qiqiqi…

Day 1 :

Arrived in Beijing, after took our luggage then I walked into airport express train from Beijing Capital Airport to Dongzhimen (line 2) Fare: 20RMB/trip. From Dongzhimen, I bought subway ticket to Wangfujing (line 1) 4RMB/trip (Dongzhimen – Jianguomen (change line) – Wangfujing). I out from exit 6 then go forward and trapped in somewhere which was far already from hotel. Stopped taxi was really difficult, suddenly people offered me service to go to hotel using tricycle (we called it “Becak” in Indonesia). I paid him 50 RMB. I checked in Wangfujing Prime Hotel in Wangfujing Street (1 km away from Wangfujing metro station and Wangfujing shopping center one of the biggest shopping area in Beijing). I also bought “Fish burger” McD for my late dinner.

Day 2 :

Amazing Greatwall Mutianyu - Beijing
Amazing Greatwall Mutianyu – Beijing

Wake up at 07.30 am, I decided to go to Great Wall (Mutianyu entry). I ready to go at 08.30 am and take MRT from Dongsi (line6) to Dongzhimen (line 2) (change in Chaoyangmen 4RMB/trip). Arrived in Dongzhimen, I walked into Bus Station and took a long queue for Bus 916. My bad, at Saturday it is full of traffic. I trapped for about 3 hours (usually only 1 hours). At 13.00 pm, I arrived at Huairou to get taxi to Mutianyu (100 RMB/return). Finally after 4 hours ++, I arrived at Mutianyu Greatwall. I bought Bus+Entry+Tobago ticket (It is like cable car, but “open” like a swing) for 150 RMB. I went to Bus Station to go to the Entry Gate, and took Tobago till reached the Great Wall.

Great Wall was really amazing, it was clean, nice, soooo long, great view and also well-maintained. I took a photo and walk around…what a really  amazing wonder of the world.

Tobago @GreatWall Mutianyu - Beijing
Tobago @GreatWall Mutianyu – Beijing

It was already 16.00 PM, I must back to city as long as possible. I went down from GreatWall using Tobago (riding like in my picture red.) I bought some souvenirs there (magnet, clothes, panda doll etc.) but you must bid it 80% under offering price. The taxi was waiting for me, but when thinked of the traffic jam I decided to go back to Beijing using taxi (paid more 200RMB). The journey was 2 hours from Mutianyu to Beijing, lucky me the taxi found the short way to Beijing via beautiful village. It’s quite good to make me relax.

Food @Foodstreet - Beijing
Food @Foodstreet – Beijing

Arrived at Beijing at 19.00, I went to FoodStreet (opened from 18.00-21.00PM everyday) just in leftside of Wangfujing shopping area. It’s quite crowded and made me shock because I found spider, starfish, centipede, scorpion, flyblow, caterpillar, crab to eat (I felt amused grrrhhhh). Im happy for all it strange and I also happy I can found a “halal food” there. Ugh super excited getting my travel experiences enhanced.

I continued my journey to look around Wangfujing shopping center, looked for the new iWatch, some fashion, some shoes and decided to go to find “Hardrock Cafe Beijing”. In my searching, I must go to Line 10 exit B in Tuanjuehu metro station and go forward to north, but what happened to me? I got lost and the “Hard Rock Cafe Beijing” was already closed years ago. Damn it, not just it the metro subway closed at 23.00 PM means that i cant reach my hotel with metro. Confused! I walked into other side and found “Turki Halal food” and took a dinner there (kebuli rice with chicken +/- 80 RMB). At 01.00 AM in the morning, I said to the waiter to help me to catch the taxi (it’s really really difficult). Finally, I arrived at hotel at 01.30 AM and sleep well.

Day 3 :

My plan visited Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Olympic Stadium and also shopping.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City

I wake up at 08.00. Ready to go at 09.00 AM, I stopped taxi in front of hotel and going to Forbidden City which is near from Hotel, the taxi was about 15RMB. We visited Forbidden City at first, go forward and paid 60RMB to go inside. We did long journey inside (almost 2.9km long). It is full of Temple, king room, souvenir shop, and also beautiful garden. Finished it almost 1.5 hours, we confused to get back to Tianamen Square but I was really happy to see green bus which is very ethnic and old. I paid 15RMB till I dropped into Tianamen Square.

Tiannamen Square as a second place, we took a photo in the large court. In front of it we can see the Forbidden City and beside it we can see the China National Museum. It is also complete with the flower garden that full of red flowers.

Summer Palace as a third, took metro subway to Beigongmen Station (line 4) and exit via north gate. In front Beigongmen Station, we can find KFC for lunch. The Summer Palace just go forward from metro subway station. It was not quite amazing, just a temple like usual with small river around. The ticket price is about 30RM.

Nest Bird Stadium - Beijing
Nest Bird Stadium – Beijing

Olympic Stadiums as a forth, took metro subway Line 10 to Beitucheng, and change to Line 8 to Olympic Sport Station,  exit to B1 or B2. It was amazing, so big, beuatiful design area (Bird Nest Stadium, Aquatic Stadium, the arena),,, well-designed. I ride small car (like golf car), paid 50RMB / person for sharing. We looked around the stadium area, stopped a while to take a photo and the driver will tell us the story of the stadium (sadly, he said in chinese that i cant understand what he said).

Wangfujing street for Shopping at last, I was not quite happy to go shopping here, because when some people said “chinese is cheap” the fact show different. I think the price is quite expensive.

Beijing South Railway Station, the biggest railway station in Beijing to depart to another city in China using Bullet Train (Highspeed train) or sleeper Train. It’s huge, more than 40 counter gate.  I’ve choosen D-train for Sleeper train to Shanghai (depart 21.30 PM and arrived 08.30 AM), using soft sleeper train (4-bed in 1 coach). The price was about 1,7 million rupiahs per person. I shared with other Chinese guys and my friend in 1 coach. The differences between Europe and Chinese sleeper train, we got breakfast while not in Chinese sleeper train. The toilet and the wastafel is clean enough. My friend said that it’s better sleep at 2nd floor.

Day 4 :

Arrived at Shanghai at 08.30 AM at Shanghai Central Station. I took 1 station metro (line 1) to reach our Hotel, Grand Mercure Shanghai Central (almost 1 millions rupiah per night). The Hotel is more luxurious than in Beijing one. After took a bath, we went to the Station (which is behind our Hotel) and go to “People’s Square” Station (line 1) to buy Hop n Off Bus Ticket.

Nangpu River Shanghai from Ferry
Nangpu River Shanghai from Ferry

 The Hop n Off Bus Ticket is Bus for looking around Shanghai (3 Line : Red, Blue and Green). The price is 150RMB for 1 day (Red-Blue line only), 200 RMB for 2 day (not included Ferry ticket in Huangpo river), and 300 RMB for 2 day (included Ferry ticket in Huangpo river valid until 21.00 PM). I just have 1 day in Shanghai, but because of really want to try  Ferry at night and the differences is only a little, I choose 2 day ticket (include Ferry ticket + Jin Mao Tower + Budha Temple). We started from People’s Square stop (Red n Green Line). We choose Red Line, and saw the most famoust Nanjing Pedestrian Street which full of people. We stopped at Bund Square, we saw the Huangpo River and take a pic with Oriental Pearl Tower as background.

Jin Mao Tower Shanghai
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai

Not long from Bund Square, we changed to Blue Line. I went across the “Nanpu Bridge” to reach other side of Shanghai which is Financial Area. Here we saw Oriental Tower, Jan Mao Tower, and Shanghai tower closer. We took a photo (30 RMB). I can reach each tower only by walk. We also can get relax in mall or coffee shop that were in some area with towers. The view is really good. I reached 50th floor of Jan Mao Tower and saw Shanghai from top. I went back to People’s Square stop using Hop n Off Bus… Waiting for Green Line Bus took time so long (about 20 minutes more) and I am not sure I had enough time to go to Budha temple, so I decided to go shopping around Nanjing Pedestrian Street which was only 5 minutes from People’s Square. I did not think that the price cheaper, I really cant find the store which is market like in Shenzhen 😦 till I found Minisho (actually this is Japan store but the price is really cheap and the things really good).

I went back to hotel to put all the things with taxi (about 30RMB) and went back to Bund Square to board with my Free Ferry Ticket. I board at 20.00PM and finished at 20.50PM for one circle trip at Huangpu River. You did not ask about how beautiful Shanghai at night at Bund Square, the lamp, the building, the ferry was quite amazing! I LOVE it.

My time is limited. I really want to try Maglev Train (Pudong International Irport – Longyang Road Station). The last train is 21.40PM, means that I just have 40 minutes to get there. I felt bored with Chinese taxi, they didnt want to stop if they dont want. I still pray to God that I still have time to try Maglev and finally at 21.15PM I can stop taxi. Accross the Nanpu Bridge, from Bund square to Longyang Rd. Station need 15 minutes (9km) about 30RM. I run to ticket counter to buy Return Trip Maglev Ticket (SMT Ticket Train 80RMB return). Lucky me, I got the last trip, It just need 6 minutes 40seconds to reach Pudong Airport (which is 50km ++ far away) and speed reach 400km/hour ++. Arrived at Pudong, I back to Longyang Rd again. Feel happy!!!

I back to Hotel using subway and exit from station, I got lost. I cant stop taxi, and I used Ojek (20 RMB) and thanks god I was safe.

Day 5 :

We have Bullet train ticket (standard) at 08.00AM. I ready to go at 06.45 AM. When we checked out from hotel, We knew that the station is not behind us, we must go to Hangqio Railway Station that need 30 minutes. We took taxi and paid for 80RMB. The Railway Station of Hangqio is big not like the Shanghai Central Station. It used for Bullet Train Station. I board with bullet train (320km/hour++) to Beijing for about 5 hours. Ticket price is about 1.4 million rupiahs.

Arrived at Beijing, we found the noodle halal restaurant which was very delicious. Went back to hotel in Wangfujing to get back my friend’s things that left there and went back to Beijing Capital Airport terminal 3, look around, got massage, shopping and departed using Dragon Air 19.00 PM.

My bad, we couldnt take off because of announcement from sky tower. We stayed inside for about 3hours before take off and made me couldnt reach my connecting flight to Jakarta at 00.20AM and must stay at HKIA for 1 night and continue flight to Jakarta tomorrow morning at 08.00AM.

That’s my journey,,, hope it help you all as your travel references.

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