Singapore-JohorBahru [SEA Aquarium & Legoland]

I and my little family (Hubby, Keya (6years), Aya (9mos)) went to Singapore and Johor Bahru. We reserved Lion Air Ticket only Rp.3million,- round trip for all of us (CGK-SIN) 3 months before. We departured from CGK at 2nd Terminal on Saturday (flight JT-150 at 8.20 am) and we waited until 9.10am to take off. We arrived 11.00 am at 3rd Terminal of Changi and went to Hotel (Innotel Hotel) near Dhobby Ghaut MRT Station ($2.7/person Changi-DhobbyGhaut)

Innotel Hotel is trip advisor recommended hotel, it is located at Penang Road near Dhobby Ghaut MRT station (change line for red, purple and yellow line). When we quit from Dhobby Ghaut using lift, just go forward and turn to the left, the hotel is behind Fish&Co Restaurant. It’s clean, in strategic location, nice staff and affordable price.

Day 1 :

After check in at Innotel Hotel, we went to Orchard Road using MRT (Red Line – Dhobby Ghaut direct to Orchard Station). We arrived at ION Orchard Mall, bought 1$ Walls Ice Cream, took a photo, went to Paragon Mall (Toys R Us) to buy some toys for Keya & Aya, then bought apple juice in front of Tang’s Mall.

Then at 5.30 pm we went to Garden By The Bay, we took MRT to Bayfront Station. If you want to go to Marina Bay Hotel just turn left and took a lift, but if you want to go to Garden By The Bay just turn right. The view was really amazing, you could see the light from Singapore flyer, and went forward you could see the purple light from Garden By The Bay. At 7.45 pm the show at Garden By The Bay started, I saw the beautiful scenery which purple light changing to another color. You can also go up using lift to see Garden By The Bay from its bridge.

The MRT price is round $0.6-2.7/trip/person

Day 2 :

10pm we started from Hotel using purple line (DhobbyGaut-HarbourFront) and arrived at Vivo City Mall. We took a lunch at Texas then continue to 3rd floor to buy Monorail Sentosa ticket ($4/person round trip). We arrived at 1st station (Universal Studio-Aquarium-ResortWorld), and changed the electronic ticket in basement for SEA Aquarium (Online reserved from travel 25SGD/adult and 20SGD/child, compare with “original price” 38SGD/adult and 25SGD/child). The Aquarium is quite big, awesome (dolphin, shark etc.) and worth to see, but the souvenir was standard.

Then, we took a photo in front of “Universal Studio” and went to the last station to go to Siloso Beach. After that, we went back to Vivo City and spent money in Supermarket to buy some food and took our luggage in Innotel Hotel and asked the staff to go to Johor Bahru.

What an experience, the Hotel Staff booked us the “PRIUS” taxi which is very comfort car and quite expensive taxi. We arrived near the Bugis to ride taxi to Johor Bahru and we must pay the PRIUS taxi almost 15SGD. Taxi to Johor Bahru is 12SGD/person and can share, but because we are four and bring big luggage, stroller etc. we must 48SGD/car add some 7SGD until we arrived at Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru. Actually, we can take Bus, it’s cheaper but it’s not reccomended for baby ^_^.

We checked in at Mutiara Hotel, and search for food which is very very cheaper than in Singapore.

Day 3 :

We booked Mutiara Hotel without breakfast, so we already prepared our breakfast by ourselves. Keya & Aya took a bath in bathtub, they both were very happy. At 9am, we were ready to go to Legoland. We took a taxi from Hotel. There are two taxis, red  & blue. Red is the cheapest one while the blue is more expensive (executive). Because of no red taxi picked up in Mutiara Hotel, there was a blue taxi offered us 40 MYR to go to Legoland (which is usually 47-50RM) and only 35RM if we used red taxi.
Arrived at Legoland at 9.40 pm (30minutes from Hotel), It’s quite hot already, but only a few people there (maybe because the holiday season just ended). We rent stroller for Keya (30 RM/day for single stroller). Keya (6years old) was very happy because he could go for all the rides and because of not too many people (Monday red.) he could repeat to ride “rollercoaster” until fifth times. Aya (<1 years old), she could ride the train and also played in the yards.

About the cafe inside the Legoland, the price is about +/- 30RM/pax and drinks are about +/- 5RM/bottle. The price for the souvenir is also good, cheper than Universal Studio. TShirt started from 29RM.

At 5pm, we went back to Mutiara Hotel, at 7pm we walked to mall beside the hotel to take our dinner at McDonald and bought some cable and casing for iPad, iPhone etc which were very cheap ^_^.

Day 4 :

At 9am we go to KLM mall took some breakfast there (Subway Halal :D), looked around and back to hotel. We checked out at 11am and took a taxi to Bus & Taxi Station from Johor to Singapore. Red taxi was about 15 RM. The Taxi from Johor to Singapore 1 taxi just only 80RM (a half price than Singapore to Johor) :(. We passed the immigration then arrived in the Taxi Station like we departed before.

We went to Bugis Market, bought some chocolate there and then went to Bugis Junction mall then took a MRT to Changi Airport. We took dinner in Halal Counter @Terminal 3 Food Court Changi Airport.

here is my video…. enjoy it!

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